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Company history and components of startup

From the business idea to the first prototype

The business idea

Air pollution and high cost of energy are great problems of our century. The business idea wants to address these problems and give an immediate answer to them.
A group of experts and researchers have combined their knowledge to get the best current no combustion technology. Among them, there are an associate professor of University of Camerino and a Eureka PhD candidate.

Getting the startup

During the three years long PhD research, the first prototype in the world with the solid oxide fuel cell technology coupled to an innovative thermo-electric energy storage and a geothermal heat pump was installed at the Geology Department of the University of Camerino. The overall cost was totally financed by the University of Camerino and Associate Partner 8 srl.

This system is called “Egg1” and has been the first installation of our spinoff of the University of Camerino. In addition to being a spinoff, Egg technology is an innovative start established at the incubator U-ISI Cube of Camerino thanks to two international patent applications.

Egg technology for a low carbon economy

For electricity, heating and cooling generation, Egg1 is the most innovative system in the world since it is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50%, NOx by more than 95% and 100% of smog. These emissions are due to combustion and Egg1 does not emit smog since natural gas is part of a chemical reaction and there is no combustion.

The first prototype in the world

University of Camerino financed the first prototype in the world with no combustion technologies applied to a stand-alone installation.

Currently this prototype is supplying power, heating and cooling to some laboratories of Geology Department, emitting only water vapour and a small amount of CO2.

Deacrease both smog emissions and primary energy consumption

Advantages granted by Egg1 such as total reduction of smog emissions and decrease of primary energy consumption, have allowed Egg technology to win “CLIMATE KIC Emilia Romagna” competition in order to disseminate the benefits of Egg1 and to operate in a low carbon economy.

Co-founders and their domain expertise

Fabio Fabiani, Roberto Gunnella, Stefano Calabrò and Luca Mezzabarba are co-founders of Egg technology, startup and University of Camerino spinoff. All members have very different experiences and knowledge.

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Founding member
Fabio Fabiani

Fabio Fabiani has experience in business administration and management, as well as he has overseen and coordinated renewable energy plants installations and buildings energy efficiency projects. He is head of technical department of 8 srl company in the renewable energy market.

Research and development
Roberto Gunnella

Prof. Roberto Gunnella is currently director of PhD theses in condensed matter physics and applied physics. He is associate professor at Università di Camerino – Physics Department.

Commercial and Technical Support Manager
Stefano Calabrò

Stefano Calabrò during his studies developed this innovative product (algorithms, feasibility study, business plans). He is a renewable energy engineer and he is attending the third year as PhD candidate.

Manager Project Finance
Luca Mezzabarba

Luca Mezzabarba is a lawyer expert in financial and industrial companies. By his professionality he supports the costumers in business negotiations in the energy market. He is also in charge of the Chinese desk in Italy. He partecipate to board of directors and as a advisor party of several companies.

The project partners