Characteristics and benefits

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What is Egg1?

Egg1 is the world’s most advanced power generator.

A solid oxide fuel cell is combined with heat pumps and electric-thermal energy storage in a stand-alone configuration. Egg1 is able to supply all power, heating and cooling demands without any combustion, thus there is not any harmful smog emission into the atmosphere

More efficient

More low cost

More eco-friendly

Technical specifications

The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell powered by SolidPower (SOFC) uses natural gas to produce power, heating and cooling.

Egg1 nominal electric power can vary from 5kW for residential applications and up to 100kW for SME. The adaptive energy system management adjust energy production according to local climatic conditions and customers’ energy demand.

The SOFC technology has significant advantages compared to conventional generators, such as internal combustion engines, including:

High efficiency, even at very small nominal power

NOx, SOx and particulate matter emissions are negligible, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced

No vibrations, no noises

Thanks to the stand-alone electric-thermal energy storage, Egg1 will be able to satisfy the demands 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.


Greenhouse gas emissions


NOx and SOx emissions


Smog emissions


Egg1 is able to supply energy for 5 or even 6 apartments (100 square meters each). This technology can also be applied in NZEB (net-zero energy buildings).

Each year an Italian family can spend more than € 2500 to provide heating, cooling and electricity for their own needs but about 5 tons of CO2 are emitted each year into the atmosphere.

With Egg1, each family will spend about € 950 (instead of € 2500) and greenhouse gas emissions will be only 2,5 tons per year (50% CO2 emissions avoided).

In addition, NOx, SOx and particulate matter will be totally reduced and it would greatly help modern cities to solve their smog problems.

In Italy 14 million people live in 1 million apartment buildings. If each Italian apartment building installs Egg1, 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year would be saved as well as 15 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. In modern cities, up to 70% of all smog emissions would be reduced.

But to reach this goal we need your help as well.


Family average annual heating bill


Family average annual heating bill with Egg1